Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to buy your ZENDU Massage Bed:
Ask yourself Is the bed suitable for your discipline? Does the bed do what you need it to do, weight wise and comfort wise? 

Does your discipline require that your clients sit up during a treatment? If so, then you will need an adjustable backrest. Will you using the bed in a practice or will you be moving around and visiting clients. Will your bed suit all body sizes, short and tall? 

Will you need a extendable face cradle and arm rests for those wider clients. Our tables are by default 75 cm wide and are designed to accommodate larger persons. Is the bed sturdy and how much weight will it handle? Our beds are mad of light weight knotless hard wood, that does not fatigue and bend like metal or aluminum beds , your ZENDU Table will not squeak or wobble for years on end. If the bed has an adjustable backrest can it adjust to many different angles or just one or two? 

What is the general appearance of the bed? Quality is not difficult to spot. Look for alignment and neat workmanship. Do you receive a carry bag with the bed? How easy the bed is placed into the carry bag and is it strong? Can it be used over your shoulder as a sling bag? What about the carrying weight of the bed … Is it light enough to carry and what if you are a small therapist? Weight can be a real problem as many portable beds are rather heavy and bulky to carry. Ask about your warranty ….. Is there one? ZENDU offer a no nonsense 3 year guarantee, we replace or repair your product to your satisfaction if anything should happen.

What's the Difference? Good Massage beds and cheap massage beds? In general, cheap products are made with low quality materials, using inferior manufacturing processes and will not last. We see a low price and start shopping from there. Rather spend the extra few Rands and have a product that will last you a lifetime!

Cheap tables lack the quality and craftsmanship you'll find in ZENDU products. There's an old saying “you’re only as strong as your weakest link". You buy quality; you get quality. That couldn't be more true when it comes to massage tables. And that's why ZENDU spends the time to make sure that every product we sell is made from only the highest quality materials; from precision machined knotless maple and birch Right down to the bolts and knobs we use. Little details like thicker and covered cable systems where the stresses are higher and higher density memory foam that offers better support and longevity at the same thickness as others are what make ZENDU the best at offering you the highest quality products at inexpensive prices. 

We backup that commitment to quality with our no nonsense 2-3 years guarantee. You can ask yourself "How long will the table I'm buying last?" to help realize the value of ZENDU products our MOTO is LIFE TIME SATISFACTION,2 YEAR GUARANTEE!!! 

Good morning
I meant to send this e-mail a week ago.  Just to say thank you for the speedy and great service on my massage table order.  I know I was asking a lot when I only ordered on the Wednesday morning and needed delivery on the Friday afternoon, but to your credit it arrived on time and I am highly appreciative of that.  As for the product itself, we are extremely happy with it and suites our needs perfectly. 

Many thanks, Colin Diggines

Just to let you know that I have received my bed and I just love it
Thank so much and I must really congratulate on your professional attitude it has been a pleasure dealing with you
Have an awesome weekend
Kind regards

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I picked up the order today from TransNamib in good order.  Thank you very much.

I am impressed with the service and with the quality of the product.  I would very much like to write a short note for your website indicating this.  Please advise.